Humane Society of Coleman County

                                                             Membership Application  -  2019



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Name:_____________________________________             Date: _______________________



Address: _____________________________________________________________________

                     Street/Box                                                             City/Zip Code


Telephone:  _____________________     Email: _____________________________________


2019 Dues:   ¨    $10 per individual/family

                        ¨ $25 per business                                      ¨  Check            ¨  Cash       ¨ PayPal     



Additional Donation:   $____________



Detach thia section and mail to the address below or drop by the thrift store.



           Humane Society of Coleman County
                       P. O. Box 282, Coleman, TX 76834 • 325-636-8945

Although we appreciate volunteers when the occasion arises, your membership does not obligate you in any way to be actively involved. Your membership simply signifies your love for our 4-legged friends and your support of the Humane Society’s mission. HSCC is a local, charitable 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization and is in no way affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). We do not receive money from the City or the County. We are sustained by your support and by our thrift store located at 108 East Pecan in Coleman. Your donations are tax deductible.