What we do and who we are

    The Humane Society of Coleman County first organized in October 2003 when a small group of animal lovers decided something had to be done to reduce the homeless animal population in our County and the consequential overcrowding at the city shelter. By May of 2004, we were incorporated and had received our 501(c)(3) charitable determination from the IRS. Our primary mission revolves around the spay/neuter of family pets. Your Humane Society has had an exciting 2015 and, with your support, either as a returning member or a new member, we are hoping for an equally exciting 2016 as we look for ways to enhance our programs.

    As we hope everyone knows, our primary mission is to provide discounted spay/neuter vouchers to families who need assistance with the vet costs. We provide a 50% voucher to anyone who feels they need the assistance, and we provide 75% off our vet rate for those who can provide us with verification of government assistance. The thrift store provides the revenue we need to provide this service.  A town our size is very lucky to have this year-round spay/neuter assistance, and it is all due to your support of our thrift store with your merchandise donations and your shopping, and for the untiring help of our thrift store manager, Nelda Copley.

    Your Humane Society also now provides a vaccination voucher for low-income families. Qualified families pay $10 for rabies and canine/feline disease shots. The Humane Society picks up the balance of the full charge by the vet clinics. This amounts to thousands of dollars per year.

The money the Humane Society of Coleman County raises through our thrift store helps us accomplish our primary mission. Our veterinary costs for 2016 were over $30,000.


   Our thrift store at 108 S. Pecan. Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thursday and Friday open from 9am to 5 pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.


All kinds of goodies for sale. Come by and check us out.

Most people are always more interested in our rescue/adoption program because we have the fuzzy guys to make it all real. First, let us say that we are so sorry we are not able to do more with cats. We currently have a on again/off again program with Petsense in Brownwood where they will take the cats for resale.  We have tried to adopt a few cats that have fallen in our lap from time to time, but find that very few people are interested in paying an adoption fee for a cat. Of course, we will not adopt any pet without a spay/neuter and shots, and that goes for cats too. Even when we ask for a minimal $25 fee to help cover the costs, we have few takers.

We rescue 100-115 dogs each year. Each of the dogs are neutered or spayed and receive a rabies shot from the vet clinics. The canine disease shot is administered by a Humane Society volunteer, using vaccines we purchase. We also provide wormer, collars and flea/tick treatments for each rescued dog.  Moving the dogs to new homes as quickly as possible is critical since we are no-kill and must have a reasonable turnover to make room for more needy dogs. In order to move our rescued dogs to new homes, we have to be competitive with what other rescues charge for an adoption. The adoption fees fall short of covering the entire costs of caring for rescued dogs. In addition to the typical costs for rescued dogs, we regularly incur extra expense to provide the medical treatment some of the dogs need. We never know what problems a dog we accept into our rescue program might have. We never give an owner-relinquished dog an examination to determine its health before we agree to take it. We are then sometimes faced with costly vet care to bring the dog to the point of being adoptable.  

Our rescue program took a giant step forward in March 2012 when we purchased the kennels on Highway 153


                                                    OUR BOARDING AND ADOPTION KENNELS

to provide space for our rescued dogs as well as boarding for your pets. Our new Kennels and boarding facility have been completed and are full most of the time.. We thank YOU, our members, that support us both financially and with your expressions of appreciation for what the Humane Society is able to do in Coleman County. We also have a new business located in the kennels. Barks Pet Parlor is located inside the kennel. Randy does an excellent job with animals and can be reached at 325-214-5431.

The people of The Coleman County Humane Society that make it all happen.

THRIFT STORE                                                            BOARDING KENNELS                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Nelda Copley Manager                                                    Rob Chisom                                                                    
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